I must really love my guests

The design elements of the guest bathroom are finally coming together and it's getting clearer each day that she (yes, it's a she) is going to be one fine beauty.

  • Tub, toilet, sink, and faucets - purchased and delivered  (Bain Depot)
  • Shower - purchased and picked up (Decor 25)
  • Dresser slash future vanity - purchased and picked up in Toronto (West Elm)
  • Lighting - purchased and delivered (Restoration Hardware)
  • Tiles - selected and partially purchased (Olympia Tile, La Tuilerie)
  • Vanity quartz countertop - measured and ordered (Moruzzi)
  • Door - purchased and awaiting pickup (Home Depot)  - yes folks, we need a new door.  Ours was only 24 inches wide - honestly can't figure out why.  No new tub will be fittin in there, so new door it is.

Only a few things remain:

  • mirror
  • accessories: towel holder/hooks/shelves, toilet paper holder,
  • picking a paint color
  • Doing all the work!

I've put together a little mood board for you to get an idea of my plans for the bathroom.   I don't know about you but I've been swooning over these tiles ever since I picked up the samples. The floor tile looks like wood (but it's ceramic) and the large tile for the shower walls looks like marble (but it's porcelain) - soooo purdy!!!

What do you think?

Guest Bathroom design elements