Plaster is the new black

5 days into our vacation (more like staycation), we're making some headway in the bathroom renovation. Yesterday, I finished applying the third coat of plaster to the drywall seams and corners, and today is a day for sanding and priming. Don't worry, moms (I know both of you are reading this), I'll be leaving the sanding to Adam. Yes, I will be wearing a mask when I paint. Yes, I will be careful when I climb the ladder. There, now that all of the worrying is out of the way, here's a look at the latest trend in bathroom renos. I quite like the combination of polka dots and stripe patterns. Pink, Green and White never looked better together. A true masterpiece!

Bathroom Back Wall, Plaster Drying

Bathroom Vanity Wall, Plaster Drying

Bathroom Shower, Plaster Drying

Bathroom Entry, Plaster Drying

Bathroom Right Wall, Plaster Drying