Window dressing

The patio doors in the kitchen and family room have been in desperate need of warmth ever since we completed the reno in those rooms. After browsing online on and off for a few months, I finally pulled the trigger on a set of curtains from the onlylinens shop on Etsy. I picked a beautiful vintage print fabric by Dwell Studio in citrine yellow. I figured it would complement the brass hardware in the kitchen and dewdrop paint color in the family room. Plus, it ties in perfectly with the front entrance closet's color scheme. I had the vendor also line the curtains with an ivory cotton for added weight and sunblock.

dwell studio fabric

The window hardware was purchased several months ago during one of my visits to West Elm in Toronto.

west elm curtain hardware

And voila! Instant warmth added to the space. Lovely!

Curtains for the patio doors