A closet for lil peanut

We've almost finished renovating the main bathroom, so I've finally had time to start planning the nursery. A couple of weeks ago, we went for an ultrasound and learned that we'll soon be the proud parents of a healthy little girl! Adam and I would have been happy no matter the sex, but my mind has already been racing with thoughts of cute outfits, colorful pompoms and squishy toys. The possibilities for this nursery are endless. Me thinks this is where the fun really starts. Thankfully, no major work is required. First, some basic upgrades like tamper-proof outlets and wiring for a ceiling light (check and check!). Next up, some updates to the closet to allow for maximum storage. Following that, all that will remain are the cosmetic improvements (fresh paint, maybe some wallpaper, new furniture and decor).

After doing some online research and taking measurements, I've drawn up a quick plan for the closet of our little girl to be. We can call her Peanut, for simplicity's sake.

Please excuse my child-like drawing abilities ;)

Baby Closet Plan

In the top section, I've planned for two shelves of boxed storage, mostly for items that I won't need to access as often.

Baby Closet Top Shelf

In the middle section, I planned for some hanging space for cute dresses and outfits. I initially thought I'd need vertical space for two rods, but after chatting with a few moms I determined that a) the clothes are SO small that each item won't take up a lot of space, b) most items are folded and stored in drawers or shelves, and c) I will end up doing regular cleanups to put away too-small clothing in storage bins that I'll keep somewhere in the basement.

Baby Closet Hanging Space

Last but not least, the bottom shelves will provide extra storage space for shoes, toys, linens and who knows what else.

Baby Closet Bottom Shelves

So, all of you moms out there, I'm looking for your feedback! There's still time to adjust the plan, if you think I'm missing something. In terms of other storage, I also have an 8-drawer dresser which will also double up as a changing table, and I'm on the hunt for a second dresser as well.