I can’t quite pinpoint the exact moment in time when I started to love interior design.  It was more of a slow and natural progression, from friend to crush to love.  

The tipping point must have been when I discovered Domino magazine.  I was living in NYC at the time, and this magazine opened my eyes to such beautiful and creative spaces.  I found myself saying “I want this dresser”, and “wouldn’t it be nice to have a kitchen like that”.  Next thing I knew, I was paying attention to every little detail at each restaurant, store, and lounge I went to – curious to know how they built something, where they came up with THAT incredible idea, or where I could get my hands on THAT thing.

Fast forward to today: my curiosity and passion for design is greater than ever.  I don’t have any official credentials to flaunt, and this passion has only manifested itself as a hobby, but I'd still love to share my tales (and fails) from the interior design and DIY world with you.