Let's sell this house already!

Adam and I live in a gorgeous loft in the heart of the Plateau, in lovely Montreal, Quebec.  The condo has 11-foot ceilings, over 1400 square feet, and a killer view.  But a few short months after our wedding, I started to feel an itch. An itch for more storage space, a few bedrooms with actual doors, and a kitchen with oh, say, more than 1 drawer to store food.  And to be quite honest, I have run out of areas to decorate.  Sure, the occasional DIY project kept me somewhat satiated and decorating my niece and nephew's guest bedroom at my parents' was a fun learning experience, but I was ready for something big and new.  This was an itch that no back-scratcher could fix. So we put our condo up for sale.  And now we wait... and wait... Here are some pics of our current home:

Front Entrance Sitting Area

Front Entrance



Office space

Coffee Table




All pics fancified with instagr.am