Bathroom Reno: Serenity Now

Last night over dinner, our friends Julie and Raz mentioned that they'd like to renovate their bathroom in the coming months.  When asked what kind of look they were going for, Julie listed a few keywords:  spa, fresh, airy, and natural.  After scouting the 5' X 11' space and having a little brainstorming session, we came up with some great ideas to improve the layout and create a calm and spacious feel for their bathroom. I did a little more digging online this morning to find some inspirational photos for J+R:

House and Home

Candice Olson via HGTV

IKEA bathroom via Apartment Therapy

One of the ideas we had was to make the most use of one of the bathroom corners and create an open shelving space for towels, baskets and other decorative items:

Apartment Therapy


House and Home

House and Home

To maximize storage space, I also suggested converting a large dresser or buffet into a vanity by adding a stone countertop with cutouts for double sinks.

1. Reform Objects

2. Danish Modern L.A.

Here's one of my favorite vanity examples, thanks to the extremely talented Sarah Richardson:

Sarah Richardson Design


Anyone else have suggestions for J+R?  Feel free to share!