Turns out I like clutter

As you may or may not know, our beautiful condo hasn't sold yet.  It's been a long six months and so we decided it was time for a mini makeover.  New real estate agent, new price, and new-ish look.  Our new agent has been awesome so far; she brought in a designer to rearrange our furniture and de-clutter.  I never saw myself as a clutterbug - I thought my place was quite uncluttered, until I painfully watched the designer take away item after item and set it aside for storage.  The designer explained that, although decoration items are really nice and help make a house a home, we want buyers focusing more on the space and less on the furniture + decor.  We want them to imagine their furniture in the place, not ours. How about you?  What are your homes like?  Do you prefer a neatly cluttered look over minimalist design?  I personally love both styles, but it looks like I naturally lean towards the former.

Here are some looks to help you decide on your favorite style.

Organized Clutter:

Colorful clutter

Dreaming in Wonderland

Beautifully cluttered wall collage

Apartment Therapy

Open Shelving for ktichens Delight by Design


Minimalist design:

White and Minimalist decor Desire to Inspire

Elegant Minimalist Interior DesignBest Home Design Minimalist Bathroom International Design Awards