Sit on this!

Miniature Chairs Collection

During my recent trip to Toronto,  I spotted a bunch of mini chair replicas while browsing through an industrial design store.  I couldn't stop ooh-ing and ah-ing over them, mainly because everything in miniature size is cute, but probably also because they were the only kind of iconic chair I'd ever be able to afford.  And then, my friend Bea pointed out that I really have a thing for chairs.  I had never thought about it before that day, but I think she totally hit the nail on the head (Bea's always right, actually).  Whenever I go to flea markets, the first items to catch my eye are usually chairs (the diy possibilities are endless!!), and I am often tempted to buy new ones too whenever I walk into a furniture store.  I've always been fascinated by the multitude of styles available and have been meaning to learn about who designed them, when and how.

I figured, if I like chairs that much and want to learn about them, why not write about them here?  So here I am, introducing a new post category called "Sit on this", where I'll talk about iconic chair designs, interesting tidbits about them, as well as some inspiration photos of how these chairs have been used in home decor.

Stay tuned for the first post in this category, in which I'll cover the Tulip chair.

In the meantime, can you please ooh and ahhh with me at these adorable miniature chairs???

Little Nest Mini E | Eames Lounge Chair replica

Miniature Barcelona Chair

Miniature Wiggle Chair

Miniature Tulip Chair

Photo Credits:

1: Gizmodo

2: Polyvore

3-5:  MoMA Store