Sit on this: the Tulip chair

Tulip Chair Giclee PrintFlashcard tidbits:

Designer: Eero Saarinen

Date of conception: 1955-1956

Style: Modernist

Retail Price: starts at $1300 (gulp)

Interesting fact: adapted version was used in the Star Trek TV series due to its space-age curves.

Background, in a nutshell:

Finnish-American Designer Eero Saarinen was commissioned by the Knoll company in 1955 to design a matching chair for an existing dining table.   Its key defining feature is that it sits on a single slim base as opposed to chair legs.

Although the chair is organic and fluid in shape, it is far from hand-crafted. The base of the chair is made of cast aluminum which is then coated with rilsan, and the shell is in fiberglass with a painted finish to offer a unified look.

The chair comes in 2 styles: with and without arms.   If I'm not mistaken, a red fabric was used for the removable seat cushion in the original design, but I've seen many color variations being used in homes these days.  It's surprising to see how such a modern and space-age-like chair can look so amazing in rustic, contemporary and traditional spaces alike.

Beautiful Dining Room with Tulip chairs, courtesy of

Tulip chair in living room

Tulip chairs in dramatic dining room

White on White - tulip chair in a white room

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