For the love of pom poms

If you've been to my wedding last year or have seen pics from the beautiful event, you already know that I have a soft spot for pompoms.  Along with a troupe of DIY'ers, we made about 60 massive pompoms in yellow and white to hang from the venue's ceiling.  It was definitely a sight to see.  The inspiration came from some lovely photos I had found on the interweb (which btw - I will be totally copying in my next home, just you wait for it!):

Pink Red Fuschia Paper Lanterns and Pompoms

Then, not too long after, I spotted a different sort of pom pom.  A pom pom fringe!!  My favorite designers, Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe used a navy pom pom fringe for the curtains in a boy's nursery on Sarah 101, and I instantly fell in love.  Since that episode, I've been seeing pom pom fringes being used more and more frequently on curtains and pillows.  Even my friend Yolande, decorating and sewing extraordinaire, jumped on the pom pom bandwagon and has recently sewn some beautiful pillows with pom pom trim for an added whimsy.  All I know is that, when I'm ready to start decorating my home, I'll be giving her a call for some sewing lessons, cuz I want me some pom poms!

Sarah 101 Sophisto Nursery

Pom Pom fringe on floral pillow

Split Pea Pillow with pom pom fringe

Photo Credits

1. Jodi Pudge Photography via Decorpad

2. HGTV's Sarah 101 show, Sophisto Nursery episode

3. Amylouhou

4. Seedling