Velvet Love: Flor Tiles

I've never quite been into carpet tiles (or carpet for that matter), until I came across these.  These beautiful creations are made by FLOR, a company based in the US.  Not only can you arrange the tiles in a custom pattern, but you can also build your "rug" to the appropriate scale for your room.  There have been many occasions in the past where I fell in love with a rug but couldn't buy it because it wasn't the right size, so this is a definite option in my books now.  Prices seem to vary from one style to another, but I saw some for as low at $5.99 a tile in the sale section of their website (sweet!!).  And...because I had to check, they DO ship to Canada.  And...there's no minimum number of tiles per purchase.
Sophistikat in Cobalt, by FLOR
 Sophistikat in Cobalt
Shiny Happy Stripe in Gold/Cream
Shiny Happy Stripe, in Gold/Cream
Mag-neat-o, in Radiant
Mag-neat-o, in Radiant
Line by Line, in Rainbow by FLOR
Line by Line, in Rainbow