Home at Last

Sorry for the delayed post, I have no internet at home (and won't for the next 2 weeks - gasp!). My Saturday post:

It’s 5am on Saturday and I’m wide awake.  We moved into our new home just a short 33 hours ago, and I’m so excited that I can hardly sleep.

Day 1 was all about moving boxes to the different rooms of our house (ALL our stuff had been moved in 2 months earlier and stacked up tetris-style in one bedroom), and cleaning/unpacking the kitchen.  My sweet mom helped all day, and the rest of the familia headed over after work to pitch in.  There’s nothing more exciting to kids than an empty home, I learned.  My niece and nephew had an absolute ball, running around the whole house from one empty room to another, then building a fortress out of boxes and lounge chair cushions, and finally serving us virtual coffee and cookies in their newly built lair.

Day 2: KING-size bed arrival. Can you say heaven?  Cuz that’s what it’ll feel like to sleep on a natural latex mattress with a linen upholstered wingback style bed.  Adam and I have been waiting for this day for months.  Seriously.  I can’t tell if we’re happier about the bed than we are for the house.  No more fighting for blankets, no more rolling to the middle of the bed due to sagging coils, no more popcorn jumping effect when one of us turns sides.

We’ll be neck deep in boxes this weekend, but I’ll make sure to post some pics as soon as we have internetzzzz!