King in the castle

Move over Adam, there's a new king in town: King Size Bed

Did you know that couples with king sized beds are 53% more likely to stay together than those with Queen beds?  I just made up that stat, but it may as well be true.  Our sleep has improved drastically since we bought this bed.  We still fight a little bit over the blankets, mainly because we're still using the ones from our previous (Queen) bed, but man oh manischewitz, this bed is the bomb!  We can both do snowangels in bed and our limbs still wouldn't collide.  Don't get me wrong, Adam and I love to cuddle.  But there's a time for cuddling, and a time for sleeping.  Whoever says they can do both at once is lying to themselves.

In case you're wondering, we bought this bed at Maison Corbeil, and the mattress is made of all natural latex, by Green Sleep.