The beam team

Howdy! As you know, we've been working on preparing our kitchen and family room for a drastic makeover.  Our first big task was to knock down the wall separating the two rooms, which involved lots of muscle, an engineer, a permit, and a contractor.

This past week has been all about finalizing the prep work for the supporting beam, and having it installed.

With the amount of dust in the air and on just about everything, we decided to upgrade to some heavy duty masks: Adam, dust-free

That's Adam.  Good looking AND healthy, just how I like 'em. Ready for destruction Me, with an appetite for destruction!

We also hooked ourselves up with a Bagster for all the trash, only $40 at  The Home Depot.  It costs about $200 to have a truck pick up the bag when full, but we calculated that it would still be more economical than renting a container for an undetermined amount of time.

The BagsterAfter some final prep work for the beam, Final preparation for beam

Gyprock demo We called in the big guns, and they got crackin.  On the first day, our contractor set up supporting structures on each end of the future beam location.Temporary support for beam

Temporary support for beam 2

Temporary support for beam, view from the family room Take a look at this 18 foot beam.  Yowzas!

Our 18 foot beam Day 2: Contractors added the beam in and fastened it to the joists:

Supporting Beam, closeup Off went the support structures, and voila!  Le Beam!

Beam, final

Beam, kitchen view

View from Family room

It's truly amazing to see how much of a difference one wall (or lack thereof) can make.  Our kitchen already feels SO much bigger.

First major task is done.  Next up - raising all of the plumbing in the kitchen ceiling so that it sits between the joists and leads into one of the kitchen walls.  Guess what that means?  Kitchen cabinets are coming down!   Gulp.  Say goodbye, old kitchen!