Now you see them, Now you don't

Our old kitchen cabinets.  Now you see 'em: Old Kitchen Cabinets, view from Patio

Our old kitchen cabinets, view from family room

Now you don't.

Our kitchen's bare bones, view from Patio

Our kitchen's bare bones, view from Family Room

Our cabinets are gone.  Loooong gone.  Where will we eat for the next 3 months , you ask?  Let's see...our makeshift living room has been moved upstairs into the same room as our makeshift office, to make space downstairs for our makeshift kitchen.

I can't believe that 1 month after finishing to unpack, we're living out of boxes once again.  Stay positive, Mel.  You are one step closer to a beautiful kitchen.  You like indoor camping way more than the outdoor version.  Ok, I think I'm good.

Tonight, our contractor's dropping by to estimate the cost of moving the plumbing. Now, everyone, please repeat this mantra:  Plumbing will be cheap. The estimate will come in under budget.  There will be no hidden surprises.  Now repeat three times, tap your head and rub your belly.  Let's pray that works.