They call me mel-o demo

Woke up this morning and it hit me.  It's been about 2 months since we started renovating and we're still in the demolition phase.  Never did I think it would take this long to only get this far.  Our friends and family think that we are crazy to have taken on such a big project and some days I tend to agree, but other days I am so excited by the idea of my own home - a home we fixed up from top to bottom.  As hard and as back-breaking the work is, at the end of the day I still feel like we accomplished something and we're getting there. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we were meeting our contractor to estimate the cost of moving the upstairs bathroom plumbing so that we could raise our kitchen ceiling to the standard 8ft height.  Well, after meeting with our contractor and our kitchen designer (more on that later), we realized that we'd have to include the upstairs main bathroom makeover to our current project.  Because we planned to redo that bathroom within the next year and change its layout, we figured that the best solution at this point would be to immediately arrange the bathroom plumbing according to the new layout.  Otherwise, we'd end up paying double for plumbing work (once to raise the plumbing in between the ceiling joists, and then again to change the bathroom layout) and run the risk of having to reopen the kitchen ceiling or plumbing walls to access the pipes.

Sounds complicated, right?  You haven't even heard all of it.  We also want to install hardwood flooring throughout the main floor, including the kitchen.  But to make sure the floors are all level, we have to rip up all of the floors in every room.  So, the kitchen floor tile, the entrance slate tile (underneath which lays about 2-3 inches of concrete), and the parquetry in the family room, living room ,and dining room.

Ladeedaaaa.  And to think that I said we'd take our time and renovate one room at a time.  Ha.  I guess I didn't think about the fact that EVERYTHING is dependent on EVERYTHING.  I guess that's the price to pay for wanting an open and cohesive space.

So, you're now up to speed.  Here are the last two weeks, in a nutshell:

Say goodbye, parquetry (Family Room)

Family Room, parquetry

Removing kitchen tile with a jackhammer

Kitchen tile, in pieces

Extra layer of plywood in the kitchen

Entrance Slate Tile, about to perish

Adios, Entrance Slate TileMain Bathroom, tile removal

2 inches of sandcoat underneath the bathroom tile

Goodbye, 70s tile

Main Bathroom, minus the vanity and toilet

Goodbye, yellow tub Our rented container

Adam, in tub, in container, outside