Velvet Home: Kitchen lighting

It's about that time where I need to select lighting for our kitchen.  Pretty soon, we'll be done with the plumbing and will need to move on to electrical wiring, so I've started researching options to get an idea of how many lights I'd need and where.  Our plan is to install pendant lights above the island, a single fixture above the sink, and then pot lights near all of the kitchen cabinets. I've been dreaming about certain fixtures at Circa Lighting, ever since I visited Savannah in the late summer.  While I'd love to buy out their entire store, I think it's time to narrow down the selection and pick a couple.

Before I show you the options, I think I need to provide you with some context around the aesthetic I'm aiming for in our kitchen.

Close your eyes and picture this.  Or maybe read first, then close your eyes. Unless you have some sort of text to speech software, in which case you can do the first thing I said. Or...never mind.

Warm white kitchen, with tone-on-tone cabinets and counter tops. Antique Brass accents.  Warm wood floors. Barnwood-covered beam. Fabric-upholstered counter stools.  Think modern classic with a touch of rustic.

Do you see it?

So, option 1:

Kitchen Lighting Option 1left: Circa Lighting, right: Restoration Hardware

The hicks pendant light (on the left) is trending now, big time.  Here's an idea of what it would look like in a kitchen:

Hicks Pendant Light, shown in kitchenvia Style at Home

I like how the black color contrasts against the all-white kitchen and adds a nice touch of glamour to the space.

Here's option 2:

Kitchen Lighting Option 2Circa Lighting

The second option has a more country feel, and would blend very nicely with the wood and warm white tones.

I'm totally torn because I love both.  Which do you prefer?  Please share and tell me why!