If you plan it, it will come

Working day in, day out with project plans and schedules at the office, my friends and coworkers jokingly ask if I also use MS Project to plan out my personal life.  The truth is, I sorta do.  For my wedding, I had built a full schedule with all of the to do's leading up to the big day.  As soon as we started the reno project, I whipped out MS Project and typed up a plan.  I've been a planner and list maker all my life.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment with each item that I cross off my list (like, to the point that I'll even write something down that I've already done to be able to cross it out).  Scary and a bit OCD, but that's how I operate. No matter how organized I am, I know that nothing ever goes according to plan either.

Case in point:

  • Discovering that the wall we wanted to tear down was load-bearing and would require a permit + skilled help to accomplish
  • Discovering that the drop ceiling in our kitchen wasn't a design decision of the 70's but rather required due to a lazy man's plumbing configuration
  • Doing extensive research on custom kitchen cabinet suppliers, selecting one based on the designer and price, then discovering that said designer has been fired and we have to start all over again.

We knew delays would be inevitable on this project.  And, although I get sudden "ugh-i-want-a-kitchen-already!!!" spasms from time to time, I truly and sincerely love every minute of this.

All that to say....we have FINALLY completed the kitchen plans, and they've been submitted to the shop for production.  Hallelujah!!! I know a lot of you have been super curious about what it'll look like, so here's a sneak peak...

Kitchen Inspiration

Key features:

  • Shaker style cabinet doors, in a warm white
  • Ash hardwood floors
  • Brass accessories (handles, lighting, faucet)
  • hints of color:  tea towels, countertop accessories, upholstered counter stools
  • Hidden appliances: range hood, fridge & dishwasher
  • 9 foot kitchen island
  • Lighting: combo of under cabinet lighting, task/mood lighting and recessed cans
PS - I wish I could take the credit for the kitchen plans, but we actually hired a kitchen designer to help make my vision come true.  I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of kitchen design... yet :)