Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Adam, post sanding It's been pretty mild out these days, but Adam and I have been living in a whole other kind of snow.

Our kitchen cabinets are getting installed on March 19th, so it's been a mad dash to the finish line for the last few weeks.  In short, gyprock is up, and we're putting the final coats of mud on the walls.

The biggest lesson from the last few weeks?  Make sure the gyprock is level throughout.  If you think that using mud to fix the small level differences is ok, think again.  I think we're on our 5th coat of mud right now, lol.  In the end, I think we'll manage to straighten out the kinks in the ceiling, but it's been a LONG process.  Mud, dry, sand.  Mud, dry, sand. Mud, dry, sand.  Mud, dry, sand - you get the picture.

So, we have less than 10 days before the kitchen cabinets arrive.  To finish:  final mudding/sanding, prime, paint, and install hardwood floors.  Less critical items which will most likely happen after the cabinets:  installing lighting & outlet covers, and molding around the window and patio door.

Wish us luck, cuz we need it!

Kitchen Gyprock Ceiling

Kitchen Gyprock Completed Ceiling

Kitchen Gyprock walls

Surprise! It's almost a kitchen!

Kitchen, after 2 coats of mud

Kitchen Mudding sink wall

Kitchen Mudding Pantry Area