Such a tease

Oh hello. You've been waiting for me, haven't you?  You want to see our new kitchen, right?  Well, the torturer in me will only let you sneak a peek.  You see, the kitchen is not completely done yet.  The floors and cabinets are in, but we're still putting the final touches in preparation for the big reveal.  Lighting, backsplash, paint touch ups, countertops, sink and faucet are still on our to do list for the coming weeks.

The kitchen cabinet installation took 4 full days.  Having zero experience in kitchen cabinetry, we left this job to the experts.  Quite glad that we planned it this way, because every muscle in our bodies hurt from last weekend's mad rush to install the floors and paint - I doubt we would have had the patience or energy for more work.

This weekend was the most exciting of all.  I was actually able to get rid of boxes, people!  The dishes are actually in real cabinets!!!  We have a functioning dishwasher, fridge and stove!  I can now showcase my fancy dishes!!!  I was doing the chicken dance all weekend, btw.  That's how happy I was.

So...without further adue (I'm sure you've already scrolled down to see the pics because you're too excited, but an intro is in order nonetheless), voila - a taste of the Davises' kitchen!

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