Industrial Stools

If you live in Montreal or Toronto and have never visited a store called Phil'z, I urge you to stop what you're doing and go. now.  This place has incredible stuff that you can't really find elsewhere. We found a couple of stools that we really liked during our visit to the Toronto store.  We needed 4 total, but they didn't have 4 of each in stock.  After some himming and hawing and 20 minutes of staring at the stools, we decided to buy 2 of each.  The two look very different, but the industrial style and proportions work well together.

Black Industrial Stool

Backless Stool With Wooden Top

Stools Side by Side

How about you?  Do you prefer to buy all of the same or mix and match pieces?

PS - Phil'z 20th century design doesn't seem to have a website, but here are the locations:

  • Montreal: 5298 St Laurent
  • Toronto: 792 Queen E