West Elm Frenzy

I can't help but feel like that predator fish in the Feeding Frenzy game each time I enter a West Elm store.  Wow, do I love that place.  I don't think there has been a single time that I've left that store empty handed, and my recent trip to Toronto kept the tradition alive.  Hubby and I were on a mission that weekend:  to find stools for the kitchen island and a vanity for the upstairs guest bathroom.  I've been looking for both of those things in Montreal for quite some time without any luck.  The only options I liked were waaay out of my price range.  So off to Toronto we went, and in one short weekend we managed to find both and (ahem...) someotherthingsthatweren'tonmylistbutwouldneedthemeventually. The bathroom vanity was quietly waiting for me at West Elm.  It wasn't exactly a vanity, though.  More like a dresser that was having identity issues and I managed to convince it to let me cut a hole at the top for a sink and turn it into what it was always destined to be.   Yet another DIY project to add to the list... this one is a couple of months away as we'll only start the bathroom reno once we're done with our family room, but take a look at this beauty:

Stria 3-Drawer Dresser

So that was one item knocked off my list.  But then....I was in the store and found curtain rods for the kitchen and family patio doors and a lovely bed cover set for our bed.

The curtain rods have an industrial feel and will marry perfectly with the rest of the kitchen style.  Check it (I picked the rubbed iron one):

Industrial Pipe Rods - west elm

The bedding was much needed.  Although we've been loving our king size bed, we were still sleeping with queen-size blankets.  And since both of us are blanket hoggers, we ended up each sleeping with our own blankets and I silently cursed each time I had to make the bed.

I have to give credit where credit is due.  The combination of pillows and blankets was all Adam.  I think Adam has been subconsciously acquiring a great eye for design - some sort of osmosis by association.

What do y'all think?  Did he do a good job?

West Elm Bedding

1. Jacquard Leaf Euro Sham

2. Organic Plisse Blanket

3. Lexington Quilt

4. Hand Blocked Silk Casablanca Pillow Cover