Busy worker bees

This is what we've been up to for the last few weekends: Front Entrance popcorn ceiling removal

GOODBYE 70s popcorn ceiling. You will NOT be missed. Yes, the ceiling was perfectly fine, but I couldn't look at stuccoed walls any longer.

Front Entrance popcorn ceiling removal 2

Front Entrance popcorn ceiling removal 3

With all the walls demoed, it was time to rebuild. We used 1" X 3" strapping and shims, in part to level the ceiling (which was wayyyy off) but also to allow enough room to fish wires for lighting after putting up the gyprock.

Leveling the strapping

Family Room ceiling strapping

Family Room ceiling strapping, view 2

Family Room ceiling strapping, view 3

Next up, gyprock: First piece of gyprock going up in the family room

Family Room ceiling, gyprock piece #2!

Family Room Gyprock install 3

Family Room Gyprock install 2

Family Room Gyprock install

We'll be finishing up the entrance ceiling tomorrow, if all goes according to plan. This time around, we've learned from our mistakes and decided that we'll hire someone to take care of the plastering once the gyprock is up. Plastering was just way too time consuming (because, well, we sucked at it) so we decided to leave it to the pros.

While the plastering will be in progress, we'll also be starting our bathroom reno project. Adam's mom will be visiting at the end of August and we're hoping to make our house somewhat livable by the time she arrives. More pics coming soon...!!!