I'll have a plywood, hold the ply

I can't contain my excitement.  After 8 months of seeing plywood on our floors, day in and day out, I can now say we have REAL floors!!  Our "Must Wear Shoes" policy for guests has been lifted.  You can now slip and slide across our BEAUTIFUL floors in your socks!  Oh, did I tell you that we have WOOD floors? Front Entrance, view From Family Room

Front Entrance

Front Entrance 2

Couldn't help but write a little note on the plywood before covering it up.  That's right, we're markin our territory.

Plywood Love Note

Painted walls, lighting, and floors: all done.  Next weekend, it'll be time to tackle the mouldings.

PS - did you notice the front door?  I'll tell you all about it in my next post.