Anthropologie: Here, At Last

My life is now complete.  Anthropologie has finally made its way to Montreal.  Rumors of a store opening in my hometown began over a year ago, but nothing materialized until this past Friday. Mel: Adam, do you realize how much money we're going to save now?

Adam, admittedly confused: How do you figure?

Mel: Well, now that Anthropologie has opened here, we won't have to travel to Toronto or New York to shop!  Think of all the money you're going to save on gas, hotels, and food!

Twisted logic?  Who cares!  ANTHROPOLOGIE IS HEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!!

Have any of you visited the store yet??

New and notable finds:

Large White Oak Cutting Board

Tufted Gingko Rug

Sliced Teak Mirror

Crank Span Dining Table

Drawing Study Chair

Kilim Rose Bench

Split-A-Wish Jewelry Holder