Big news

Heya,Renos are back in full swing, people! The bathroom that we gutted late last year has moved up to the top of our to do list. You see, in a few months time, we'll be needing a bath. To bathe this little precious thing called a baby. Yes, my loyal readers, Velvet Toolbox is PREGGERS! Woohoooo! Don't be surprised if the baby comes out holding a measuring tape or fabric sample ;).

With an estimated due date of May 24th, you can imagine that we are on a short timeline to finish up a few last projects before we embark on the biggest project of all time. On our list for the next 5 months: complete the guest bathroom, dining room, living room, and nursery. Gulp.

So, with my new found energy and Adam's healing knee, it's time to get movin' and shakin'. This morning, we completed a big chunk of the bathroom project: installing moisture-resistant drywall and cement board.

As always, I took photos of the progress for y'all.

If you're wondering why the walls are green, that's the moisture-resistant drywall. The pink stuff in the shower is a waterproofing membrane for the cement board, called Red Gard.

Bathroom drywall  being installed

Bathroom Ceiling

Bathroom - waterproofing the shower

Bathroom Entry

Bathroom drywall installed, back wall

Bathroom, Drywall Complete