Meanwhile in winter wonderland...

Montreal's been buried under a record amount of snow over the last week, and while we would have loved to head down south for a little R&R, this turned out to be the perfect week for a staycation. We've made some headway in the bathroom - the walls have been sanded, primed, and painted. Bathroom Walls, painted

Bathroom Wall, Painted 2

We've also installed the light fixtures, and now need to start tiling the floor, shower and bathtub areas. We've decided to preserve our energy and outsource the tiling job to a pro. We found a guy who's not only affordable but also does excellent work. The downside is that...ermmmm.... he didn't show up 2 days in a row as planned (supposedly due to the snowstorm). I had been warned in advance that he's not 100% reliable, but given that he's good at what he does, we've agreed to give him the benefit of the doubt and keep busy by starting the dining room renovation.

Dining Room, Before 1

Yesterday and this morning, I removed all of the original moldings, while Adam knocked down the ceiling and outdated half-walls separating the dining room from the living room. The plan is to leave some sort of separation between the two rooms, to allow for a different paint color in each room. I think I'm gonna go for dark and dramatic in the dining room, while keeping the living room light and airy.  The reason for removing the ceiling is a) to get rid of the 70s popcorn look, and b) to add strapping so that electrical wires can be easily fished through the ceiling to install potlights.

Dining Room, Moldings removed

Dining Room, sealed off

Adam, removing ceiling drywall

Clean up time

Sadly, I must return to work tomorrow, but Adam's still off for the rest of the week. His goal: add wood strapping to ceiling, prep electrical for pot-lights and hopefully also install new drywall. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to get started with plastering by the time the weekend rolls around.

So that's where we're at. Oh, and I've been working on the nursery layout too - stay tuned for updates!

Ciao for now.