Labor of Love

I'm soooo excited to see the fruits of our labor come to life.  The upstairs guest bathroom is nearly done, and it's looking absolutely gorgeous. The tiles turned out beautifully. Our tiler ended up doing a great job and it cost less than we estimated (THAT really happens??).

Before grout: Floor Tile, Before Grout

Back Wall, Before Grout

After the grout: Bathroom Back Wall, Grouted

Tile Pattern, After Grout

I installed moldings on the wall sections that will be exposed, and painted them the same color as the moldings in the rest of the house:

Moldings, Prepped For Paint

Molding Paint Color

Adam's nearly completed installing the corner shower. I call it the bubble. I would have loved a bigger shower, but this bathroom is pretty teeny. It's even a miracle that we are able to have a separate tub and shower.

Corner Shower

Shower Nook Shower Bling

And, the ceiling lights above the bath were installed. So cute!! Another Restoration Hardware purchase.... Ceiling Lights, AboveBath

As you can see, we're almost done! Left to do: Install the tub (today), the vanity and toilet (next weekend), and then all the accessories.