Nursery Design

A vision has finally formed in my brain and the design elements for the nursery are taking shape.  Crib: check.  Dresser slash changing table: check.  Dresser #2: check.  Glider chair: check. Mobile and decorative elements: check.

Curious to see the color scheme and some of the items I've purchased?  Voila!!!

Peanut's Nursery

My jumping off point started with the laundry hamper.  It's a little hard to tell from the image, but the color scheme will be made up of: light peach, grey, gold, silver, wood tones, and some hints of teal or turquoise.

Notice the dresser above?  Another afforable find on Kijiji.  I dished out $140 for this bad boy.  I'm told that it's cherry wood and was made in the late 50s.  I'm so enamored with the diamond shaped wood grain - such an eye catching piece!

Speaking of dressers, now that I found this showstopping beauty, I have changed my mind about the first dresser I purchased.  I was initially only planning on doing some minor cosmetic improvements, but now having 2 wood furniture pieces with somewhat clashing tones - I decided to paint the changing table.  Keep an eye out for the next post, as I'll be soliciting your votes on the color scheme.

Plus, I'll be doing a few more DIY projects for the room in upcoming posts: revamping a light fixture,  making curtains with pompom trim, sewing an ombre ruffled crib skirt from scratch (scared) and maybe creating some of my own amateur artwork (poor baby).