Made with Love

Lil peanut is set to arrive in another 7 weeks or so, and our amazing friends have been showering us with beautiful gifts. As you know, I'm partial to anything DIY, so you could imagine my excitement when my sister in law threw me a surprise baby shower with a DIY activity as the main event. We were given wood blocks, colorful patterned paper, modge podge and paint - and we went to town, each creating a block with our own signature style.

Pretty Blocks DIY

Pretty Blocks DIY, angle 2

Aren't they adorable? Each one is so unique and special, and I couldn't have asked for a more fitting activity for a baby shower. Thank you Tisha, Julie, Julie 2, Mom, Val, Ashley, Tiff, Steph, Lilly, Glenna, and Noa for each adding your personal touch to the nursery!

But the DIY gifts haven't stopped there. This week, I received 2 more - I was absolutely floored by the level of talent demonstrated in each. My friends have mad skills, yo.

First, a handmade quilt made by my close friend, Yolande:

Made With Love

Yolande never fails to amaze me with her skill, design sense, and attention to detail.

Quilt, folded and wrapped

Quilt Full View

Quilt pattern

Quilt Pattern Closeup

This little embroidered message brought such a smile to our faces: Hello, Baby Davis!

The underside of the quilt is equally playful: Quilt underside

And last but not least, an oh-so-soft and cuddly blanket made by my crochet-queen friend, Dima:

Crocheted Blanket

Crocheted Blanket Close up

Crocheted Blanket Close up, corner

Thank you ALL for the love and effort. I bet you lil Peanut is dancing inside my belly right now, excited to meet you all and drool (literally and figuratively) over each of your gifts.