Pimp my curtains

Here's another decorating-on-a-budget project that can easily be done in a day (if you can sew). I am by no means an expert in sewing. Actually, I've only sewn a few pillows in my lifetime (in a very amateur-like fashion) but I've recently decided that my goal during mat leave will be to improve my sewing skills and make this my new-mommy hobby.

All of the furniture we purchased for the nursery has a neutral color, so I thought it time to add some pops of color to the room with a pair of curtains.

To start, I bought several yards of pom pom trim in perfectly peach from an Etsy shop called Tin Tiara Trims. I first ordered the baby pompom size, but upon receiving it realized just how small 'baby' is (should have known better). I was concerned that the trim would not be visible on the curtains, so I ordered the next size up:

pompom trim

Much better.

Next, I found really pretty turquoise curtains at IKEA in cotton velvet:

Sanela curtains in Turqouise

The combination of turquoise and peach isn't for everyone, but I thought it would add just the right amount of whimsy to the nursery. Call me crazy, but I feel like eating candy when I see the two together.

pompom trim + turquoise IKEA sanela curtain

After pinning the trim to the underside of the curtain, I took a deep breath and started sewing. It took some time for me to get the hang of it (i.e. my stitch was all zigzags for the first curtain panel), but I survived and so did the curtain.

Sewing the trim

And voila, curtains were done and mounted onto a gold curtain rod (more pics coming in the next diy post, where I add vinyl decals to a roller blind):

pompom trim sewed on

curtains, installed

Another project down. Yeeehawww!