In the home stretch

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day weekend :) Less than 2 weeks to go before our lives change drastically and we're now in the home stretch with the major home renovations.  Our living and dining rooms are starting to take shape; the drywall is up, plastered and sanded, and we started priming the walls and installing floors over the weekend.

Dining Room

Dining Room Closeup

Dining Room Floors

Living Room, Primed

A few weeks back, we also painted the stairway and upstairs hallway.  It's really unbelievable what a coat of paint will do to brighten up a space. All that's missing now is furniture, colorful artwork, a chandelier and some curtains.

Winding Staircase

Upstairs Hallway

Upstairs Hallway View 2

Our goal is to finish the living room floors before the baby arrives. Anything else after that (moldings, paint, installing lights) will be a plus. Wish us luck, people !!