Running laps

So yesterday, Adam and I ran laps...through all the rooms of our main floor. Barefoot. Why? Because we can, that's why. And well, also because we finished installing hardwood floors throughout. We also finished priming the walls, painting the ceilings and installing potlights throughout (dining room chandelier will come much later, once we can afford it!) Entry to Living Room

Living & Dining Rooms

Dining Room

View from Dining Room

Entry To Dining Room

The living and dining rooms feel larger, brighter and warmer now. Sadly, I think they will stay pretty empty for the next little while. Being on maternity leave, our decoration fund is ummm...non existent. Well, at least I can start planning the design and do all of the research!

The good news is, we have 6 extra boxes of hardwood flooring. We plan to keep 2 of the boxes for an upcoming project: gutting our wood fireplace (a major eyesore and not to code) and patching the walls/floors in the family room. The remaining 4 boxes are going right back to the store, and we're hoping to use the credit to buy baseboards for the living and dining rooms AND decorative trim for the dining room ceiling, front entrance, stairway and upstairs hallway. Yup, that's right, I've got big plans to pimp up the trim in this hizzouse!