On the horizon(tal)

Adam's been working his butt off the last few weekends to put up the backyard fence. Here's the latest slew of photos. As you will see, the fence is almost done; Adam's got maybe 1 day's worth of work remaining to put the finishing touches. Once all the posts were up, Adam put a black tarp on the ground to prevent any grass or weeds from growing near the fence (we'll probably create a pathway running alongside the fence to make way for some decorative planters and perhaps even some mood lighting?)

Posts and Black Tarp installed

Next step was to build panels that would support the horizontal slats. Here's a closeup of a panel, to give you an idea of the construction involved: First panel up

Repeat another 12 times and you've got this: Panels Installed, Angle 1

And this: Panels Installed, Angle 2

Next, Adam prepared a jig to easily cut the slats all to the same size: Measuring and Cutting

And here's a shot of Adam nailing the first few slats: Putting up the first slats

Here's where we're at now. We left the bottom slats for last because they won't fit within the frame as-is; we'll have to rip them horizontally first. After that, we'll need to cut the posts to even them out and add decorative caps to them.

Panels nearly complete

Closeup view of fence panels

Not bad, huh? I am so impressed with Adam's abilities. Each day, he amazes me more and more!