New pillows for the family room

pillows A whole year ago, I ordered some beautiful (and expensive, sigh) fabric from Avenue Design to make some pillows for the family room sofa. Priorities changed and, well, this mini project got put on the backburner. I figured it would be a perfect mat leave project because it's small and could be done in bits and pieces whenever I had time. So last week, I finally found some time here and there to sew the pillow covers.

fabric swatch

The fabric I bought has a gorgeous black and cream geometric pattern, which complements the ikat pillows I already had. I made sure to add a zipper on each pillow, so that I can easily clean them if necessary (did I ever mention that Adam somehow always manages to get food stains on his shirt? Really, Who needs kids to mess up a home when you have a husband??)

pillows on sofa

pillows on sofa 2

I dig the new look. You?

Side note: our family room is one of the first rooms we renovated, but we never really had time to finish it; the fireplace is still a baby/fire hazard, the beam is still uncovered, and we have a makeshift entertainment unit with wires ALL over the place. And there's nothing I hate more (like, HATE) than loose wires. Makes me cringe every time I even look in that direction. So...all that to say, once the fence is done, our plan is to finish the family room. We're going to tear down the fireplace, cover the beam and add wall-to-wall built-ins for all the electronic equipment and added storage. Hopefully, we'll be able to do all of this before Sienna can start walking and exploring.