Fenced In

Well folks, there's officially no longer a gaping hole in our backyard. We've fenced ourselves in and it feels goooood. Each morning I wake up and look out the window, admiring the wonderful work that Adam did. Looking forward to doing the other side of the fence next year, so that it doesn't look like we have a hodge podge of fences. Before (when we first moved in to the house):

Fence, before reno


Fence Complete

Fence Closeup

Fence Complete 2

PS - we ended up not putting caps on each post, because I found it looked weird and didn't match with the style of the fence. So we just cut each post an inch higher than the fence and sealed the cut edge.

Credits: Adam - my loving husband, for his amazing skill and strong work ethic Razvan - long-time friend of Adam, for helping chisel away at the massive rocks blocking our way and providing the motivation Adam needed to keep on trucking through the hardest part of the project