Burn That Fireplace!

Excited beyond belief. Our family room will soon be rid of a major eyesore. Finally. When we first bought the house, the den had blue carpet and an alpine ski lodge feel. Family Room, Before

Although I didn't like the idea of a corner fireplace, I figured we could update it by removing the stones and wood, and refacing it. So when we demo'd the family room, we stripped it down to the brick.

Fireplace, Stones Removed

Almost 2 years later, that fireplace was still there, untouched. I was beginning to feel like I had traded in an alpine lodge for a pizza brick oven.

Family Room, Before Fireplace Demo

After doing some research on materials to reface the fireplace, I was told by some experts that our fireplace's construction was potentially a fire hazard and more than likely not to code. With a little one on the way and my already-existing dislike for the corner layout, it was a no brainer for me. Tear this puppy dowwwwwwn! I have to admit, Adam was quite disappointed (undiagnosed pyromaniac), but mama won this battle (*Cough, Cough* - Oh goodness, the smoke is killing my lungs. I can't breathe. Imagine how little Sienna will fare, with her brand new lungs. Think of the children, Adam! The poor children!)

So last weekend, Adam got going with his next project. He started off by sectioning off the fireplace with a plastic tarp, to minimize the amount of dust throughout the house:

Section Off Fireplace

Fireplace Sectioned Off

He set up a ramp off the backyard deck to allow for easy brick removal: Prep for Easy Brick Removal

And then he got to work. He used a combination of a sledgehammer and an SDS demo hammer to knock 'er down. First Bricks Removed

Fireplace Demo 1

Fireplace Demo 2

Fireplace Demo 3

Fireplace Demo 4

Fireplace Demo 5

See that big rectangular hole in the middle? That's the opening to the chimney. The fireplace was not a supporting structure; it was built as a standalone unit, with an opening to the chimney for the smoke to escape. Once we're done with the bricks cleanup, the next step will be for Adam to brick up the hole. He'll have to leave a smaller hole with a vent to ensure that no moisture forms within the chimney though. I think I can live with a vent in the wall - anything's better than that monstrosity.