Decorative Trim, part un

Howdy!Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Ours was *almost* reno free, which was quite nice for a change. We brunched with friends, attended a family affair, and spent some much need quality time with each other. Sienna also went for her very first swimming lesson - which basically means daddy held her in a big pool full of cold water while she cried for 20 minutes.

At least she looked really cute in her ruffled bathing suit:

Sienna's First Swimming Lesson

In between nappy changes, feeding, and play time, I've found pockets of time over the last 5 or 6 weeks to add baseboard trim in the dining and living rooms. Finishing work is always so time consuming, but it's the type of work that is totally doable while the little peanut sleeps. So many steps are involved; measure and cut the baseboards, then glue and nail them to the wall. Measure and cut the quarter-round trim, then glue and nail them to the wall. Hammer in any protruding nails, then apply paintable caulking to hide the nail holes and seams. Lightly sand the moldings if some of the caulking was caked on - which, let's face it, if you're not a professional, is most likely going to happen. And last but not least, Apply 2 coats of paint. 1 hour here (damn, she's awake), 1 hour there (someone wants to play) - that, my friends, is why it takes 6 weeks to install moldings in 2 rooms.

Anyhoo, here's how the rooms look now:

Dining Room, Baseboards completed

View of Dining Room

Living Room, Sofa wall

Living Room, Shell Completed

Living Room Console

Living Room Console 2

The next step will be to add decorative trim to the dining room walls. I have been going back and forth about whether to paint the wall trim in the same color as the walls (subtle and chic) or in the same color as the baseboards for a bright contrast.

Which do you prefer?


Dark DIYed Wall, via Chris Loves Julia

Black Wall with Trim, via Cococozy

Paneled Wall, via Ashley Loves

Or this: Mary McDonald's Favorite Things, via Harper Bazaar

Mary McDonald Navy Interior, via Material Girls Blog