Wall Paneling Mock-up

'Sup!Thank you all for your feedback on Facebook and the Blog regarding the wall paneling color scheme. The decision was unanimous - tone on tone moldings for the dining room. So, now that we've got that out of the way, it's time for a mock-up.

Using my trusted painter's tape, a measuring tape and a level, I worked my way across each wall - first eyeballing the placement of each panel, then taking more precise measurements to make sure everything was symmetrical. I even leveled the tape lines, to speed up the process down the line. Hell, who am I kidding? I'm just a tad OCD/perfectionist so it would have hurt my eyes to see crooked lines, even in a mock-up.

Dining Room Paneling Mock-up 1

Dining Room Paneling Mock-up 2

Dining Room Paneling Mock-up 3

Dining Room Paneling Mock-up 4

I aligned the top of each panel with the top of the window frame, and I think it makes for a nice clean look. But, here's the dilemma. A curtain rod will be placed above the window frame - should I align the panels with the top of the curtains instead? Decisions, decisions! Let me know your thoughts.

I kinda like the green tape against the blue walls, ha ha. Doesn't look half bad ;). Except for the different shades of green tape on the left wall - my OCD-ness kicked in yet again, but I've been fighting an inner battle, telling myself it's just tape. It's temporary. Let it go, Mel. Just. Breathe. And let it go.

ALSO. You know when you set up furniture a certain way and just 'get used to it' to the point that you can't picture it any other way? Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to rectify the problem. And then you get mad at yourself for not having thought of trying it earlier. Enter design enthusiast and friend, Yolande, who took one look at my dining room and suggested I turn the table 90 degrees so that the long side is parallel to the window. As soon as we rearranged the table and chairs, things just looked BETTER. It now fills the room perfectly and frees up additional space in the living room for more seating. The only downside: it might be too tight to fit a sideboard in the room now. But I think I can live with that - or, I may just buy a small one to go underneath the window, and push the table out a tad more.