Holiday Wishes

I can't believe that we're nearing the end of October. In a few weeks time, our little family will be headed to Florida for some much needed sun and quality time (notice how I didn't mention rest - I'm a realist and know that the days of lounging and doing nothing all day are long gone now that little miss rugrat is here). Before we know it, the holidays will be here and I'll have to rack my brain to figure out what Adam would like as a gift. I've always found it extremely difficult to buy gifts for Adam - the man who buys what he wants as soon as he's decided he wants it.

Adam, on the other hand, has it real easy - there are SO many things that I want to buy. Lucky for him, I have the perfect medium for sharing my wishlist - this blog (tee hee heeeeee). Oh, and my birthday is only two months later - more giftssssssssss for meeeeeeeee!

Last year, Anthropologie was my online store of choice. This year, I choose West Elm!

I have had my eyes on this gold flatware for over a year now, to go with the gold dishes I bought (ahem, we'd need 10 sets, but I'll take what I can get ;)).

Gold Flatware Sets, $31.38 CAD per set

A pair of these curtains would go beautifully in the navy dining room:

Ironwork Flocked Curtain - Regal Blue, $120 CAD per panel

One of these poufs would be awesome as additional seating in the living room:

Souk Pouf, $272.30 CAD

Kew Dhurrie Pouf, $272.30 CAD

I know you'll think I'm odd, but I actually wouldn't mind getting an ironing board as a gift. I don't have one, and I kinda killed my dining room table recently, when trying to iron a shirt on it (ugh).

Bamboo Ironing Board, $87.43 CAD

Cotton Ironing Board Cover - Hammam Stripe, $20.78 CAD

This is a cute clock that I could put in our kitchen above the entryway to the dining room:

Industrial Ceramic Clock, $75.46 CAD

See how un-selfish I am, only picking out items for the house, and not for me??? LOL.

What's on your wishlist for the holidays?