Raise the Roof

Home Maintenance.  The two words combined make me think of 1 adjective: BOOOORING.  I know it's necessary, but I'd much rather spend my money on artwork or a new chair or  a nice chandelier.  But then my husband tells me, "Waaaahhhh.  Quit crying, and deal with it".  So I did. Our roof has seen better days.  In the most recent wind storm to hit Montreal, we lost about 20 shingles.  There were already a bunch missing from another storm (you'd think we live in tornado alley from reading this, but no...), so rather than doing some temporary repairs, we decided to just go big.

With very little time left before the roofing season ends, we did some quick research and then decided to go with Home Depot.  We probably could have found a specialized roofing company that could do it at a lesser cost, but we preferred to go with a reputable company that has great customer service and we know has a pretty darn high likelihood of existing 10 or 15 years from now.  Lifetime warranties are useless if the company goes bankrupt, after all.

The only fun part in all of this was picking the color.  Our roof is currently black, and I find it a bit of a harsh contrast against the bright white siding, so I went with a two-toned charcoal gray color.

Timberline American Harvest, Brandywine Dusk color

Timberline American Harvest Collection, Brandywine Dusk

Here are the before shots.  Not only are shingles missing, but there's a substantial amount of curling on the shingle edges, which from what I read, is one of the many signs that a roof needs replacing.

HomeRoof_Before Roof Before Roof Before 2 Roof Before 3

Our contract with Home Depot has been signed, and the installers should be coming within the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for the After photos!