It's a wrap!

Wrapped Gifts using kraft paper Heya! Apologies for being missing in action; our little family took a much needed break from the cold weather (to be read as home hibernation) and headed south to Florida for a few weeks. All I know is I was meant to live somewhere warm because my spirits were instantly lifted once I felt the warm sun on my face.

With my vitamin D batteries recharged, I've been busy shopping and wrapping gifts for the holidays. We missed Hanukkah while we were in Florida, but luckily Adam celebrates Xmas and I'll get to partake in all the gift-giving fun. I dread shopping at this time of year; busy parking lots and long lines bring out the worst in people, sadly. But my favorite part (other than opening gifts ;)) is wrapping them.

Three years ago, I invested in a $30 roll of kraft paper (which I've hardly made a dent in, btw). Using this and other art supplies lying around the house, I let my creative spirit sit in the driver's seat and take a joy ride in gift wrap la la land.

Here's what this year's roundup looks like: Blue  Theme  Gifts Collection

Gift for Adam, Tassel

Gift for Adam, Red Tassel

A Gift for Sienna

There is an overwhelming amount of DIY blog posts out there demonstrating the creative use of kraft paper and washi tape. Here are some that I found extremely creative and beautiful:

One of the new techniques I applied this time around was to use household objects to stamp a pattern onto the kraft paper. For the large polka dot gift, I used:

  • kraft paper
  • scissors
  • washi tape
  • ribbon
  • ink pad
  • pencil
  • scotch tape

Supplies for Stamped gift wrap

This was one of the simplest things to do.  Dab the pencil in the ink pad, stamp it onto the kraft paper in a random pattern.  You could use any round object that you find lying around the house, for example the lid on a mason jar or the cardboard part of a paper towel roll.pencil_ink


Then add some washi tape, and fashion a bow out of ribbon.  And....done.  Gift was wrapped in 5 minutes flat.Gift wrap, stamped design

Have you tried any creative ways to wrap your gifts?  Please share!