Velvet Toolbox: Top 10 Of 2013

As I look back at all my posts of 2013, I can't help but feel proud of all that we've accomplished. This year has been enriching, challenging, exciting, difficult and joyous all at once. Our top 10 accomplishments of the year are (drrrrrrrrrrum roll please......):

10. Replacing our Roof In Late November, we contracted Home Depot to replace our miserable-looking roof. It started off looking like this:


And now looks like...uh...well, we don't exactly know because it's covered in about 3 feet of snow. Thank you, winter, for keeping the suspense.

Roof, After

09. Removing the fireplace Our family room gained some much needed space when the monstrously fugly brick fireplace was ripped out and closed off. (Adam still cries in his sleep if I whisper the word fireplace in his ear)

Family Room, Before

Fireplace, Stones Removed

Ex-Fireplace Corner, 2

08. Planning for built-ins in the family room Once the fireplace was out, we designed plans using IKEA's Besta Planner for a shelving and storage unit in the Family Room. We'll be heading over to IKEA in the next couple of days to buy all the units, yay!

Ikea Besta Storage Plan

07. Building a modern fence from scratch

Adam spent a large part of his summer building a beautiful horizontal fence in our backyard. He's a champ!

Fence Complete

Fence Closeup

06. Revamping the Living Room We did all but decorate the living room earlier this year; we removed the popcorn ceiling, added potlights, replaced the parquet floor, painted and installed baseboards.

Living Room, Shell Completed

Living Room Console 2

05. Making improvements to the Dining Room We did the same to the dining room, including a mockup for wall paneling.

Dining Room, Baseboards completed

Dining Room Paneling Mock-up 1

Dining Room Paneling Mock-up 4

Dining Room Paneling Mock-up 3

04. Gutting the guest bathroom As one of our first projects of 2013, we did a full renovation of the guest bathroom. We demo'd the space to its bare bones, added in-floor heating, tiled the floor and walls, painted, installed all the fixtures and added the final touches (I call this last step, the act of "velveting").

Guest Bathroom Full View

Guest Bathroom Shelves

Guest Bathroom Sink

Guest Bathroom Vanity

03. Decorated the nursery for our lil peanut Decorating the nursery was definitely the most fun project to work on this year. The space is exactly what I had envisioned; whimsical, soft, but cool.


nursery closet

Changing Table

DIY roller Blind

02. DIY, DIY, DIY I worked on a few fun DIY projects this year: glammed up a chandelier, painted a dresser, embelished curtains, and did some creative gift wrapping.

Chandelier, After DIY

Dresser, Painted and Waxed

pompom trim + turquoise IKEA sanela curtain

Wrapped Gifts using craft paper

01. Sienna By far, the absolute best project of 2013 was bringing Sienna into this world. I've learned that I'm capable of loving so much that it hurts. I've also learned that I'm a pretty good mom (pats self on back) and that it IS possible for my daughter's poop to smell sweet. And, last but not least, I realized that I still had room in my heart to love Adam even more than I already did. The first few months after Sienna's birth were so SO SOOOO trying, and there is absolutely no chance I would have been able to do this without Adam. I LOVE our little family.

Sienna @ 6 months