Simply the Besta

Happy Belated New Year, lovelies!Our New Year's Eve was quite the fun event. First, we assembled IKEA furniture and THEN we had dinner, and THENNNN we went to bed by 11. I know this is all your idea of a rockin NYE, but please don't be jealous. One day, you'll get there and have a chance to be as adventurous as us.

In all seriousness, I am ecstatic to have new built-ins in our family room. None of the pimping and primping is even done yet but it already looks insanely better than what we had before.

While I stayed home with Sienna, Adam had the pleasure of visiting our local IKEA store and loading up his car with about 750 lbs of Besta cabinets.

To give you an idea of what 750 lbs looks like:

Besta in boxes 2

Besta in boxes

After removing all the existing furniture, we marked all of the studs with painter's tape.

Family Room, Before Built-ins

Family Room, Before Built-ins 2

Assembling the units was the quickest part, by far - we were done in 3 hours or so.

First cabinets assembled

cabinets assembly 2

cabinets assembly 3

With the cabinets assembled, Adam moved on to the time-consuming tasks of:

  • cutting one of the shelving units to fit our wall
  • I was very keen on having wall to wall units, so during planning, we played with a few layout options until we found the optimal combination of units that would involve the least amount of cutting and waste. We ended up only having to shave a few inches off one of the cabinets. Note: cutting melamine requires using a specific blade with a table saw, otherwise you could chip the veneer.

  • drilling holes and pre-wiring all of our electronic equipment
  • This one was an absolute must for me. There's no bigger pet peeve of mine than tangled wires on the floor, so we drilled holes in the back of each center unit to make all the necessary connections and made cutouts for the outlets for easy access down the road. Electronic equiment wired

  • leveling and affixing the units to our [not so straight] walls.

All in all, it took us about 3.5 days to buy, assemble, level, wire, and install the cabinets. And, by us, I mostly mean Adam (blame it on mommy duty).

We're not completely done yet, but it already looks incredible! Notice how a little critter managed to sneak into the shot...

Besta cabinets, empty 2

The next phase involves some good ol' IKEA hacks:

  • Adding knobs to the doors, most likely from Anthropologie
  • Painting the cabinet backs
  • Filling the holes with lightweight spackle
  • Adding trim above the cabinets to hide the gap from the ceiling