I've got a crush on you

Those of you who know me know that I've got a serious girl crush on interior designer and HGTV legend Sarah Richardson. In fact, I would say that my passion for design stems almost entirely from watching her inspiring design series on TV. I've secretly (cat's outta the bag now, ain't it?) always wished for 2 things (among others):

  1. to meet Sarah - not that I know what I'd even say to her. I'd probably be starstruck and make a complete arse of myself, spewing some nonsensical words or what I often refer to as verbal diarrhea.
  2. to work for and learn from Sarah. Yes, in a dream world, I wish that Sarah would read this blog, be impressed by my potential and offer me the opportunity to work with her. Oh, and in this dream, I also win the lottery because starting a new career at my age when I have a family to help support and a big mortgage to pay would be downright irresponsible of me.

Annnnd then I awake to Adam snoring beside me and remember that I'm not all that talented, or rich, or popular (cue mom and mom-in-law, telling me that I'm wrong and they're so proud of me and they loooove me. LOL). Just kidding, Adam doesn't really snore but it makes for a great dramatic effect, don't it?

Anyhoo. What makes Sarah so special (to me), you ask? 1 - She uses A LOT of fabric. I am always fascinated by Sarah's use of fabric to really pull a room together. The different patterns, textures, and colors she selects are well balanced and create such a unique well-thought out experience. 2 - Her design style is elegant and classic. Nuff said. 3 - She grabs furniture left on the curb and turns it into something beautiful. That's my kinda gal. There's nothing more satisfying then finding something for free (or dirt cheap) and using a little elbow grease to make it look like a million bucks. 4 - The series Sarah's House and Sarah's Cottage taught me to mentally strip away all the cosmetic flaws of a home and visualize its true potential. I think that's why I fell in love with our house the way I did; I knew it would require A LOT of work, but we would be able to make it our own and learn a thing or two along the way. 5 - I could go on forever, but I won't as I'm starting (?) to sound creepy.

Wheewh. That was a REALLY long intro. All this to say that I had a Sarah-esque moment this weekend. I took a ME day on Saturday and squeezed in some fabric shopping before turning to mush on a massage table. The living room color palette has been a point of much indecision on my part. I have been obsessed with incorporating lavender into the room, but was really struggling to find a combination of fabrics that worked well together.

This was my first attempt (a few months ago):

First Fabric Scheme

All nice fabrics individually, but when you put them together? BLAH. The colors were muddying (is that a word?) into one another and there was no wow factor. So I researched other color combos with lavender: lavender + emerald, lavender and coral, lavender and navy. All nice options but the choice of fabrics were not cutting it for me and my gut kept telling me not to pull the trigger.

This past Saturday, though, I changed my tune. I decided - lose the lavender. I'll find another opportunity and room to use it in. As soon as that happened, it became MUCH easier to create a beautiful fabric scheme.

I started out with this bold and beautiful print:

Pop o Color Fabric

From that jumping off point, I was able to pull a whole set of complementary fabrics:

Winning Fabric Scheme

Fabric Scheme closeup

HAWTTT!!! I am completely smitten with the fabric scheme. The grey and ivory ticking stripe fabric will be used to re-upholster this wingback chair, with a lumbar pillow in the ivory/grey bird print. The other fabrics will be used to make pillows for the sofa (1 of each). I also found 2 leatherette options (the small strips of fabric in turquoise and taupe) that I may use to make ottomans or stools. SO EXCITING!!!!!

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the fabrics. Please don't be shy to critique it, I'm by no means an expert on this :)