Custom IKEA Built-ins

Styled Builtins Head On Angle Earlier this year, Adam and I assembled and installed IKEA Besta cabinets in our family room. Since then, we've been busy adding special touches to make the cabinets look more like custom built-ins. My first hack was a big fat fail, but things fared a bit better when we installed brass knobs and added trim above the cabinets.

Knob Streamline knob, via Anthropologie

The trim consisted of two pieces: a flat crown molding and dentil trim above it (more on that in the next post):

Moulding Detail

Moulding Detail 2

Then came the REALLY fun part; filling the shelves. I basically went around the whole house, gathering my magazines, books and unused decorative objects and played around with the placement until I was happy (for now). This will not be the final composition, but it sure beats empty shelves. Eventually, I would like to organically curate each shelf and create thoughtful vignettes that tell a story - OUR story.

Styled Builtins Left Angle

Styled Builtins Right

Styled Builtins Right 2

Styled Builtins Electronics

Styled Builtins Left

So, just a reminder of what this room looked like before: Family Room, Before Fireplace Demo

And now: Styled Builtins Head On Angle