Velvet Love: Waterlogue

Me again! Recently happened upon a new app called Waterlogue.  Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, this app allows you to transform an existing or new photo into a watercolor masterpiece!  I decided to dish out the 3$ to try it out and honey, it does not disappoint.

Features include:

  • multiple style filters
  • dark/light settings
  • image size choice
  • with/without border detail
  • ability to save photos

Check out these sample photos I created:

Kids Room Waterlogue Glass Cabinet Waterlogue Mason Jars Waterlogue Paint Palette Waterlogue Garland Waterlogue Cloud Mobile Waterlogue Baby shoes Waterlogue Beeeeeeyooooooteeeeefooool!!! I can't believe this app has been out since December and I didn't hear of it sooner. So much fun to use.