The perfect pair

Do you have random stuff at home that you no longer want but don't know what to do with? Lots of stuff taking up space in your house, but not quite enough to hold a garage sale on the weekend? Enter, as in Virtual Garage Sale. I guess I'm really out of touch because this site has been around for a while (looks like their Facebook page was started in Apr 2013, not sure when the site was launched though). In a nutshell, it's a friendly and easy to buy/sell items locally. In my opinion, it's different from sites like Kijiji because you can list things as inconsequential as a mason jar for $1 or a vase for $3 and as valuable as antiques for several hundred dollars. Once you sign up (you have the option to sign in using Facebook), you can add yourself to different communities. I signed up, for example, to the Montreal West Island Community, but I could very well add myself to the Laval one too, provided that I am willing to travel to that area to make an item exchange. Anyway, within an hour of perusing the furniture category, I found not one but TWO identical chairs for ONLY 75$. I've been on the hunt for a pair of chairs to complete the living room seating so as soon as I saw these I pounced like a puma and picked them up over the weekend.

Pretty In Pink Chairs

How SWEET are these channel back chairs? Clean lines and extremely comfortable - the perfect pair, in my eyes.

I was initially planning on re-upholstering the chairs, but I may just leave them as-is. The dusty rose color goes perfectly with the color palette I've chose for the room, so we'll see if a heavy duty cleaning and a little TLC can bring them back to life.

For now, they're just getting a basic cleaning and will sit pretty while I muster up the courage to re-upholster this baby first.