Sienna's Nursery: an update

Hey there! Today I'd like to share with you a few small updates I made to Sienna's nursery. Having sat in the glider for hours on end over the course of 9+ months, I've had A LOT of time to dream up some improvements to the function and decor of the space. Sienna's Nursery

The first update involved replacing the 4 prints I had placed behind the glider with a couple of picture ledges. I realized shortly after Sienna was old enough for storytelling that I had no place to put all her books. So for months, I piled up a bunch on her dresser and left the rest in a box. Then one day I said Enough! to the clutter and picked up these ledges from IKEA for a whopping $17 each (big spender, I know). Although they are meant for picture frames, these ledges are a great way to showcase her books all the while giving me easy access to grab a book with one arm while I hold Sienna in the other. Sienna seems to be pleased with the new shelves too, as she spends a lot of time on my lap just staring up at the books in wonderment and talking to them.


Next would be the big letter S that I placed above her crib.

Bunny Crib

I bought a wooden letter from Michaels and spray painted it gold (gee, what a surprise). I then used 3M Command strips for the first time and am hitting myself on the head for not having tried them sooner - it was SOOOO easy. I like it, but I think it would have looked even better with a larger letter, looking back now.

The last update was to find a new place for the 4 prints that I originally hung up above the glider. I would have liked to place the frames centered with the changing table/dresser, but I was worried about a) Sienna eventually being able to reach and play with them and b) having one of them fall on her head, so in the end I decided to put 2 on each side.

Garland and Prints

I used Command Strips for these two and I hung up all 4 in 5 minutes (normally it would take me 45 minutes, with all the measurements and leveling, etc). Looks ok, right? Again, I think the scale is a little off, and bigger prints would have looked better but for now this'll do (read: i'm not changing this again).

That's it - three small updates done in 1 hour's time. And look how MUCH happier Sienna and her little bunny are! NurseryUpdates